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Snowman Crackers

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Six Luxury Christmas crackers. 

Introducing the official The Snowman Christmas crackers. A British classic, reimagined.

In 1840 a confectioner started selling sweets wrapped as love tokens. One day while watching a crackling fire he had the idea of putting a friction snap into the crackers. Before long they became very popular at parties with the addition of hats and gifts. Today almost every household in Britain will celebrate Christmas with a box of crackers. 

Made with beautifully thick paper stock, finished with ribbon. Six crackers come in a presentation box. Perforated for the perfect break. Much fatter than your average cracker. 


  • Handmade in England.
  • Each cracker measures 32cm x 6cm diameter.
  • Contains the finest gifts, metallic paper crown and a slightly naff joke.